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This program is dedicated to every man who has forgotten that the world needs your talents and that pride and freedom are your birthright. Every man has the potential to master his life, choose his own road, and leave his legacy. The Drivers Seat is the education you need to live a life of dignity, purpose, power, passion, and fulfillment. The most fundamental things you need to know as a man have never been taught to you until now!

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This program is dedicated to every man who
may have forgotten that he is strong, powerful,
intelligent, independent, competent and capable
and that the world needs your masculine gifts.  
You were born to have it all and have it your way.  
Every man has the capacity to develop himself,
chart his own course, and be and become who or
whatever he chooses.  There is nothing wrong
with you, nothing to fix, nothing to heal, nothing
to change.  The simple reality is that some of the
most fundamental things you need to be happy,
satisfied, and successful have never been taught
to you.  Now is your moment! 

Life by Design



The Elite Performance Program is designed to enable you to take your life, no matter where you are now, to the next level. We call it the Elite Performance Program because we know that every one of you has the capacity to be an elite performer in whatever part of life you choose. The program contains the same developmental work that has consistently developed elite performers in the worlds of sports, the military, and business. The promise of the program is simple. If you do the work you will realize more of your inherent human potential for satisfaction, joy, passion, and purpose. The Elite Performance Program will give you the pieces that are missing to have the life of your dreams.

Why The Elite Performance Program?

In every man’s life there comes the moment when you feel alone, overwhelmed, lost, adrift, frustrated, or exhausted. It seems that no matter what you do or how hard you work things aren’t getting any better and there is no end in sight. It may be that you just need a guys night out or it may be that there is something bigger going on. It's the something bigger that we want to work on with you.

The Elite Performance Program is 18 modules of integrated mind, body and spirit work that has consistently produced results for men young and old. It is based on 30 years of success in teaching people how to develop their potential and design their futures.


For 30 years we have been designing and delivering large scale transformational work for some of the top companies and organizations in the world. These are not people who waste time and money on things that don’t work.
Here is a small sample of those who have entrusted us with their future.



This program is designed for men young or old who are truly interested in developing more of their latent human potential and designing and delivering a different future for themselves and those they care about. In particular this is the perfect program for:

  • Any man who is feeling frustrated with his life.
  • Any man who wants to take his life up to the next level of satisfaction.
  • Any man who is ready to start his own business.
  • Any man who wants to reshape his career.
  • Any man who is ready to have more in his life!
  • Any man who is looking to move up in the organization.
  • Any man who is doing great and wants to do better.
  • Any man who wants to recharge his life.
  • Any man who is ready to recharge his dreams.
  • Any man who is wants to be an Elite Performer in any realm.


“I first experienced Chris's work 20 years ago. It was powerful then and has stayed with me ever since. His new program makes the power of transformation available to everyone and I am happy to endorse it.”

Nelson Farris
Director Human Resources
Nike Inc.

"Chris Majer is a one of a kind. He's clearly established himself as an innovator and leader in developing human potential. This program is the key to getting your life on track and staying on track. An absolute recommendation!"

Charles Koppelman
Chairman of the Board
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
"This program is so real. You can really trust Chris to take you through a process of transformation that will work. This is the most complete, practical, and powerful program on the very important subject of transformation. I highly recommend it!"

George Leonard
Author The Ultimate Athlete
Editor Look magazine


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